I have three children at swim fin school, who have been there since they were 3 1/2. My children love Dave and love their swimming. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. My children are very confident in the water and my oldest daughter is a very confident swimmer. I trust all the teachers implicitly and I am very pleased with how my children progress and continue to develop. I can recommend swim fin totally!

Charlotte, Newport

Our son loves coming to his swimming lessons every weekend.  He has developed confidence and it’s great that as a result he can join in with other children in the pool on family holidays. He loves working towards his next award.  The swimming teachers have a great rapport with the kids, they are all encouraging and always praise the kids when they do well.

Helen, Newport

Both of our children (aged 8 and 6) have been attending swimming lessons with Swim Finn school since the age of 3 and a half and they are now confident and competent swimmers. What we particularly like about the school is that our children are always guaranteed the same day and time of lesson, making it far easier with work and other after school activities. Swim Finn has excellent teachers and our children enjoy attending their classes. We definitely recommend Swim Finn.

Elin, Newport

A fantastic swim school, small classes so your child gets a truly quality lesson. All the teachers are fab very patient and not shouty as my daughter describes but still you see fantastic progress and confidence in your little one.

Kelly, Newport

Our four year old son has been attending Swim Fin’s for a little over a year and George’s confidence in the water has gone from strength to strength. George is starting to learn the strokes and techniques to make him into a great swimmer and it is fantastic to see in somebody so young.

Ceri, Newport

Dave & the Swim Fin team have turned my daughter around from being terrified of the water to loving swimming; recently completed her 2000m now swims after school for pure pleasure. They have taught my son from the beginning and he has achieved his 200m and wants us to swim together as a family again for pure pleasure. Thanks guys, they haven’t just learned to swim they have learned to enjoy it. All the team are approachable, booking & paying is made easy, fees reasonable, smaller classes are ideal oh and importantly the kids are shattered after so we even get a couple of hours downtime too!

Liz & Si, Newport

Before a friend recommend Swim Fin School, my son had been struggling in an overcrowded class for 12 months elsewhere, without progressing at all, within weeks of switching to Swim Fin, he was swimming unaided and was actually enjoying his swimming lessons again. Fantastic classes, with lovely teachers, highly recommend!

Sarah, Newport

Thank you so much to all the swimming instructors at Swim Fin! My Son’s confidence has grown tremendously since attending the swim school. My son really benefit’s from his instructor demonstrating technique in the water, and not from the poolside! Thanks Dave!

Sian, Cardiff

I can’t recommend the swim fin school highly enough. Having tried several swim classes in the past, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. The staff are professional and friendly, are always in the water with the children and the class numbers are really small so the children get one to one attention. and have worked miracles with my boys confidence and ability in the water. They look forward to their lessons every week. A very happy parent.

Ceri, Newport

My daughter was 3 1/2 when she joined swim fin school. She has come along leaps and bounds and her confidence has really increased..Thank you Dave and your fantastic team!

Bailjit, Newport